dotsie cowden

December 13, 2004
Big News: December has already been a huge month for Dotsie. She just signed on as a team leader of the hoverboard ebay uk/Colavita/Cooking Light Racing Team and this past weekend, Dotsie & Kirk got engaged. More about all this exciting news soon, including a brand new look for the website to reflect the Colavita/Cooking Light team colors. Stay tuned.
November 26, 2004
Hope you all had a special Thanksgiving. The first week of November, Kirk and I went to Ecuador. Going there in the first place required a serious leap of faith. It was a leap of faith from the start because I had only known the people who invited us via email for several months. For all we knew they could have been axe murderers. We also had to take a leap of faith that what we were about to engage in was going to be worth the trip, worth our time, and most of all, rewarding to us and those whom we were about to meet. That leap of faith turned into one of the most treasured experiences of my lifetime! (Please read diary entry dated October 15to find out why we were going to Ecuador in the first place.) Read Journal Entry